*Note: 2018 schedule is TBA. Below is the schedule from 2017 as an example of what to expect this year.

2017 Cincinnati Conference Schedule

Saturday, June 24

8:00pm Ice Cream Social
             Sponsored by Ribbow Media

Sunday, June 25

9:00-5:00  Registration 
9:00am Prayer
10:00am Film Screening + Q&A
             Directors Cut: THE ROAR (with Frans Cronje)

(Lunch is on your own)

1:30pm Film Screening + Q&A
             Chonda Pierce: Laughing In The Dark
3:30pm Newcomer’s Meeting
             Insider information for first-timers. 
4:15pm Group Introductions
             Meet everyone in 30 seconds!
6:15pm Dinner with Aaron Benward
             Sponsored by Frans Cronje
8:30pm Popcorn Movie Night
             Members and attendees show 5 minutes of current projects. Limited slots available. Reserve your slot here.
10:30pm Late Night Feature
             THE HEART OF MAN (with Brian Bird)

Monday, June 26

7:45am Prayer
8:30am Worship and Devotions
             with Aaron Benward and Ben Young
9:30am Coffee and Networking
             Sponsored by Family 7

10:00am Seminars:

Production | TV Panel - Bob Higley / Upliftv, Isaac Hernandez / Parables.tv
The Crossroads of Television, OTT, and Social Media
Bob Higely and Issac Hernandez discuss how Christian media can make an impact when their secular counterparts are spending more of their budgets on original programming. How can ICVM producers benefit from getting more original productions approved and obtain higher revenues for their original content?

Creative | Mark Fincannon
The Ins and Outs of Casting: A session for both Producers and Actors, casting director Mark Fincannon helps producers understand what to look for when casting their films, using THE CASE FOR CHRIST as an example. He’ll also focus on actors, helping them present themselves more effectively in the marketplace. 

Distribution | Greg Gudorf / PureFlix.com & Jim Schubert / PureFlix.com
From Surviving To Thriving In The New Media Economy: Position yourself for success by competing effectively in the New Media economy, while influencing culture for Christ. Established and aspiring filmmakers will gain relevant, valuable, and actionable insights for competing on a domestic and global level. Topics include: Current industry patterns as well as emerging trends in digital media – consumer behavior, consumption/device usage habits. Learn strategic film production and multi-source monetization concepts, distribution channels/alliances and embracing the future of marketing.


12:00pm Lunch with Brian Bird
Sponsored by Vision Video and Cat in the Mill
2:00pm Roundtable Networking
6:15pm Dinner with Jacco Doornbos 
             “No Rising Without Falling”
             Sponsored by Pure Flix

8:30pm Popcorn Movie Night
Members and attendees show 5 minutes of current projects. Limited slots available. Reserve your slot here.
             Sponsored by Worldwide Entertainment on Demand
10:30pm Blockbuster Preview
               SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME (Pure Flix)


Tuesday, June 27

7:45am Prayer
8:30am Worship and Devotions
9:30am Coffee and Networking 
10:00am Seminars:

Production | Jacco Doornbos
Creating Inspirational Content for a Broad Audience: If your heart is beating to reach a broad/secular audience with inspirational content, Dutch executive producer Jacco Doornbos loves to explore with you the do’s and don’ts and to share from his experiences. Jacco has created numerous successful prime-time TV shows in The Netherlands with the Bible, God and the story of Jesus as the main topic. How did these shows manage to gain 46% market share? Hear about his experience producing The Passion for FOX Network in 2016.

Creative | Brian Bird 
THE CASE FOR CHRIST vs. THE HEART OF MAN:  A creative case study of two very different faith films releasing in 2017 with Screenwriter and Producer Brian Bird.

Distribution | Digital Panel - John Kim / Deep C Digital, Debbie Korte / Christian Cinema, Jim Schubert / Pureflix.com, Isaac Hernandez / Parables.tv
With the death of DVD as a viable stand-alone home entertainment distribution path, this session covers the gamut of digital distribution from the Christian market to the general market. Hear directly from the people licensing/acquiring content for EST/VOD/SVOD/AVOD platforms. What release strategies do they see working? How to manage digital rights effectively? What industry trends for release windows between digital & other home entertainment distribution do they see? Come with your questions ready for this important Q&A session!

12:00pm Lunch with Jon Erwin      
             Brief Business Meeting
             Sponsored by Parables & Upliftv and CanZion Home Media
2:00pm Director’s Cut:
             BIRCHES (with Brad Mix, Paul VanDerNiet, and Andrew Walkington)
5:00pm Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game & Networking Dinner
             Sponsored by Crown Entertainment

Wednesday, June 28

7:45am Prayer
8:30am Worship & Devotions
9:30am Coffee and Networking
10:00am Seminars:

Production | The Future of Television 

Bobby Downes / Christian Cinema, Jared Geesey / Christian Cinema
With the launch of the first ever TV series broadcast on Facebook Live, Bobby Downes and Jared Geesey talk about a new kind of television. Covering the gamut from original content production to over 15 million views for the National Bible Bee Game Show.

Creative | Cameron Arnett 
A Living Reality: One day, as I sat on my couch in California, God asked me a simple question. What do actors do? Little did I know then, that my life had changed in an instant. By His Grace, I had already learned that the best thing to do was to ask Him to tell me the answer instead of offering one, and so I did. Here is what He said, what I learned, and what makes all the difference.

Distribution | Fathom Events, Theatrical for a Night - Kent Songer, Rick Altizer
Some films for the Christian audience have found success in recent years with one-night only theatrical releases through Fathom Events. Come hear directly from people who have taken advantage of this unique release strategy multiple times. Learn how the recent Chonda Pierce documentaries worked with Fathom for Box office success that earned encore events.

12:00pm Lunch with Mark Fincannon
             “The World is Thirsty”
             Sponsored by Camy Arnett Production Studios      
1:45pm Blockbuster Preview
             I CAN ONLY IMAGINE (Erwin Brothers)
4:30pm Prayer Time
6:30pm Crown Awards with Chonda Pierce
Sponsored by Christian Cinema