2020 ICVM Crown Award Nominees

On November 21st, the nominees for this year's Crown Awards were announced at the Storytellers Virtual Event.

We are excited to congratulate all of the following nominees and cordially invite everyone to join us for the announcement of the winners at the upcoming NRB Convention, March 15-18 in Grapevine, TX. 

ICVM Crown Award Finalists:


Best Children’s film

Iesodo- Rob Loos    

Torchlighters - The St Patrick Story- Robert Fernandez   

Amazing Story House-  GOOD TV, Gabriel Broadcasting Foundation    

Maralee Dawn & Friends Top of the World- Christopher Bessette  

A Home for Curiosities- Ben Tobin   


Best Music/Worship

You are my Love Song- Arthur Rasco   

God with Me – Andreas Kranzler    

The Wait-  Tolu Ayegbusi    

The Promise- John Cranman     

Until I’m Thin Again- Linda Winner    


Best Comedy

Home Sweet Home- 5x5 Productions     

Sleeper Agent-  Kingdom Sight Studios  

Once Upon a Time in Mongolia-  Donald Leow  

A Brand New Kitchen-  St Michaels Movies 

 What the Church? – Communion Films    

Welcome to Sycamore Creek-  Barry McAlister    


Best Curriculum/Education

Torchlighters; The St Patrick Story-  Robert Fernandez    

Chasing Revival- Episode 6 America – Back to Jerusalem   

God’s Plan Happens- Rick Garside   

Why Trust the Bible?- Cru Singapore   

The Least of These Discovery Series- Andrew E. Matthews  


Best Documentary Under $50,000

"Blessing, Curse or Coincidence?" Cyrus Nations?  UK-  Hatikvah Films 

St Patrick Pilgrimage to Peace- Global Story Films   

The Scilitan Martyrs- International Media Ministries    

Rufuge- ACCTV 

Born to Reveal the Works- J.L. Pope     

Chasing Revival- Ep 7 China  Back to Jerusalem   


Best Documentary Over $50,000

Hope in the Holy Land: Delving Beneath the Surface of the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict…   Justin Kron & Todd Morehead 

In His Image- American Family Association  

The Divine Plan- Robert Orlando 

The Red Sea- Thinking Man Films     

The Red Sea Miracle II- Thinking Man Films     


Best Foreign Production

Uncertainty- Confederacao das Brasilei     Feliz7Play 

Volendam: A Refugee Story- Bill Curtis    

The Salt of the Earth, Gunpei Yamamuro - Masatoshi Tojo

Morine- Tony Farjallah     

The Kingdom- James Meyer & Sara Meyer


Best Short Film

Evade- David J. Ferreira    

Legion- Jesus Film Project   

What is Human- Jake Bergen   

The Dark Places- Tommy G Kendrick    

Sophia- One Way Entertainment, LLC    



Best Series

Dream Episode 1- World Changers-  Unveil Studios   

One: Following Jesus’ Call for Unity-   Global Story Films

Coffee with Kim- A Testimonial Talk Show-  Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc 

Camp Time Nightmares Series 4-13-Christopher Bessette   

Chasing Revival Episode 1  Jerusalem-  Back to Jerusalem   


Best Television Production

Chasing Revival Episode 3 Africa – Back to Jerusalem    

Torchlighters: The St Patrick Story- Robert Fernandez   

Be That- ACCTV  

Brady’s Story: When God Turned Grief into Giving-  Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc        

Maralee Dawn & Friends Mysterious Present – Christopher Bessette    


Best Narrative Under $250,000

MBF Man’s Best Friend- Man's Best Friend, LLC   

Treasure Lies- iiFilms,LLC  

Heavenly Deposit- George Vincent    

Sleeper Agent- Kingdom Sight Studios   

Lost Heart- Lost Heart, LLC    


Best Narrative Over $250,000

When We Last Spoke- Rick Eldridge    

Morine- Tony Farjallah   

The Reliant-  James P. Johnston  

Healing River- Mitch Teemley   

A Brand New Kitchen- Bill McAdams Jr. 



Best Evangelistic Film

In His Image- American Family Association

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace- Lucy Shimmers, LLC  

Healing River- St Michaels Movies   

Once Upon a Time In Mongolia- Donald Leow   

The Kingdom- James Meyer& Sara Meyer     


Best Actor Male

Sleeper Agent-   Best Actor Male:  Leland Klassen   Character: Walter Geortan       

Breathe- Best Actor Male: Jason Hildebrand    plays all characters    

When We Last Spoke- Best Actor Male:  Corbin Bernsen   Character: Walt Cranbourne    

Healing River- Best Actor Male:  Rupert Spraul     Character: Alec McCortland     

The Reliant- Best Actor Male:  Brian Bosworth     Character- Jack       


Best Actor Female

Discarded Things- Actor Karen Abercrombie    Character: Grace Wyatt  

When We Last Spoke- Actor Melissa Gilbert   Character: Ruby Cranbourne      

The Reliant- Actor Mollee Gray    Character: Sophie      

Sleeper Agent- Actor Gigi Orsillo      Character Kate Jenkins   

Christmas In July-  Actor Bonnie Johnson   Character Grandma Sylvia      


Best Supporting Actor

When We Last Spoke- Actor Cloris Leachman.  Character: Mother Cranbourne

Sleeper Agent- Actor Tim Hildebrand   Character Vladimir     

Sleeper Agent-Actor Julie Crisante    Character Alena   

Christmas In July- Actor Lacy Hartselle   Character Cecelia    




Best Student Production

My Brother’s Keeper- Kathy Bruner    

Save the Date- Stephen Dysert     

Tate- Kathy Bruner   Taylor University   

Val- Vincent Williams    Regent University  

Legacy- Chantel Dewar    Bob Jones University









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