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2023 ICVM Crown Award Finalists Announced!

Best Comedy
A Marriage Made in Heaven   Robert Krantz, Producer
Amazing Gracie.  Micah Caronna  Producer
Aria Appleton Shines Nathan Myers, Richard Brian Galyean, Danielle Wheeler, D'Lytha Myers Producers
Once Upon a Christmas   Nathan Blair Director/Producer
The Confession Musical   Stephen Yake  Director, Dan Posthuma  Producer/Director
Best Children’s
A Day and Night with Creator Sets Free     Dominic Carola Director, Irv Klaschus, Michael Allen. Kelly Bray Producers
Awesome Animals & Mini Me Joe Watson Director, Jon Hancock Producer
Lily’s Lab.  Ken Ham, Benjamin Wilt, Mike Prather, Bryan Eckhardt, Kevin Mackey, Mark Abney Producers
Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids Easter     Jeremy Seymour & Robert Fernandez Directors , Erick Goss  Producer
The Paralyzed Man   Joshua Whitehouse & Dan Rackham Producer
Best Documentary Under $50,000
Armenia: A Love Story  Chuck Holton Producer
Confronting Radicals.  Benjamin Hilton Director, Truly Weisz, Luke Hilton, Shlome Schreibman Producers
Frederick Douglass: No Turning Back.  Chris Weatherhead Producer
Homeless But Human  Abby Arnold & Macie Weaver Producers
One Matchstick: The Segna Fire.  David Ferry Jr. Director
Best Documentary Over $50,000
After Death.  Stephen Gray Director Jason Pamer, Jens Jacob Producers
Discovering Who Is This Jesus.  Gary Wilkinson Director/ Producer
Miracle at Manchester   Doug Manchester , Brycen Newman Producers
One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addiction.  Tim Searfoss Producer
Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mt Sinai   Timothy Mahoney Producer
Best Foreign
Letter to My Unborn Daughter   Desmond Denton Director
Recitation   Damilola Mike Bamiloye Director
Soul Prison   Nipan Chawcharernpon, Director    Jason De Ford, Mark Maxey Producers 
The Face of the Faceless   Shaison P Ouseph Director, SANDRA DSOUZA RANA Producer
The Little Drummer Boy: Hope and a Future     Nora Fong Producer
Best Short
A Day and Night with Creator Sets Free     Dominic Carola Director, Irv Klaschus, Michael Allen. Kelly Bray Producers
Broken Bread   Kurt Hale, Director; Allen Kreutzkamp, Producer
Liberation or Occupation? EP 1 Hope in the Holy Land    Justin Kron & Todd Morehead Producers
Sejun: Nepal   John Grooters Producer
Vision   Steve Dawson Director
Best Television
American Homecoming    Tracy Trost Director
Clogged Pipes   Joao Carlos Dias, Jose Racoes, Daniel Jesus  Producers
Discovering Who Is This Jesus   Gary Wilkinson Producer
Feast & Falafals    Alexander Blom Director   Reinier Leenman Producer
Pulled From the Burning   Enoch Rasmussen Director Randal Melchert Producer
Best Music Worship
A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief    Kurt Hale Director  Allen Kreutzkamp  Producer
Our Hands    Kurt Hale Director   Allen Kreutzkamp Producer
Rodion Yudanov:  Govori Gospade       Alexander Perfilyev  Director  Radion Yudanov Producer
The Good Music Awards and Night of Song    Bonnie Sun Director
The Little Drummer Boy: Hope and a Future    Nora Fong Producer
Best Series
Kashtan’s Wildlife in the Zoo   Bryan Eckardt, Ben Wilt, Ryan Vogel Producers
Sabina Study Group    John Grooters Producer
These Stones: Episode 101 Pilot    Susan Rohrer, Cheryl McKay, Christopher Price, Drew Waters & Erin Bethea, Sam & Jeanette Towne, Mike Burns Producers
Townsend    Michael Houston King, Matt Borlenghi, Paul Sirmons Producers
Why Jerusalem Matters    Roy Brown, Doug Johnson, Rebecca Pettit, Chris McKinny, Stephen Pettit Producers
Best Non-Theatrical
A Marriage Made In Heaven    Robert Krantz  Producer
Divine Influencer     Shari Rigby & Claire Yorita Lee Producers
Not Your Romeo & Juliet   Sean Gaffney & Jim Owens Producers
Soul Prison   Nipan Chawcharernpon, Director    Jason De Ford, Mark Maxey Producers
Wayfaring Stranger    Matt Webb & Lance Clark Producers
Best Theatrical Release
His Only Son    David Helling Producer
Jesus Revolution    Jon Erwin, Brent McCorkle Director   Kevin Downes, Joshua Walsh, Jon Erwin, Andy Erwin  Producers 
Nefarious     Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman Directors   Chris Jones, Sheila Hart Producers
Sound of Freedom    Alejandro Monteverde Director    Eduardo Verastegui Producer
Southern Gospel     Neal Edelstein, Karl Horstmann, Kent Munsey, Dylan New, Jeffrey A. Smith Producers
Best Student Film
Lux Inter Tenebras    AJ Klapperich   Director
The Glitch    Justin Sterner Producer  Kate Larson Director
Unconventional: Living Life to the Max     Hannah Johnson Director   Kaylee Bornhofer Producer
What I Remember    Roy Rogers Director
Will Happen    Kevin Gorman Director     Shaylynn Reyes Producer
Best Evangelistic
Jesus Revolution    Jon Erwin, Brett McCorkle Directors  Kevin Downes, Joshua Walsh, Jon Erwin, Andy Erwin  Producers 
The Preacher to the Popes: Raniero Cantalamessa      Ashley Zahorian & Brigette Rock Producers
These Stones: Episode 104    Cheryl McKay, Christopher Price, Drew Waters & Erin Bethea, Sam & Jeanette Towne, Mike Burns, Susan Rohrer  Producers
Wayfaring Stranger   Matt Webb & Lance Clark Producers
Where the River Divides    MD Neely Director   Isaac Masiga, Mercy Odhiambo, Matrid Nyagah, Dana Wahlbeck  Producers
Best Actor
A Marriage Made in Heaven       Robert Krantz as Demetri Chicopoulos
Five Date Rule                                 Jason Burkey as Henry
Jesus Revolution                            Jonathon Rounie as Lonnie
Southern Gospel                            Max Ehrich as Samuel Allen
These Stones: Episode 105           Rusty Joiner as Andrew
Wayfaring Stranger.  Jeff Dernian as Glenn Frank
Best Actress
House in Time.  Mindy Gilkerson as Dez
Jesus Revolution.  Anna Grace Barlow as Cathe
Southern Gospel    Katelyn Nacon as Julie Ledbetter
These Stones: Episode 104         Madeline Carroll as McKenna
Theses Stones: Episode 106        Karen Abercrombie as Miriam
Best Soundtrack
Far Haven   Tom Gire Composer
Jesus Revolution     Brent McCorkle Composer
Southern Gospel    Tim Williams Composer
The Confession Musical Movie  Wally Nason Composer
The Preacher to the Popes: Raniero Cantalamessa       James B Gardner  Composer
Wayfaring Stranger   David Siebels and Jeff Dernian Composers
Best Video Podcast
Faith on Film TV    Isaac Hernandez & Holly McClure Producers
Phil Cooke With You Tube expert Sean Cannell     Phil Cooke Producer
Set Life: Inspiring Stories of the Entertainment Industry      Amber Butaud Producer 
Think Big Podcast with Tracey Mitchell      Tracey Mitchell Producer/Director
Up Time – Jesus Came to Give us Life- Emily Wickham.  Greg Messina and Bob Barber Producers
Best Christian Talk Show
COFFEE with Kim: A Talk Testimonial TV Show    Kim Crabill Producer  
Set Life: Inspiring Stories of the Entertainment Industry     Amber Butaud Producer
The Answer     Frederik Van Herterijck & Jean Loyens   Producers
Tilt Shift    Bryan Eckardt Director       Tim Chaffey, Bryan Osbourne, Casey Chaffey  Producers
The Christian View TV Talk Show    Trudy Simmons Producer
Best Cinematography
But God- The Testimony of Caleb Kanoy     Andrew Smith Director of Photography
Jesus Revolution: Akis Konstantakopoulos. Director of Photography
One Second at a Time : Battling the Monsters of Addiction: Tim Searfoss Director of Photography
Sejun: Nepal: Bryan Papierski Director of Photography
Soul Prison: Jason De Ford Director of Photography




Members talk about ICVM

“ICVM’s Annual Conference is a place where those committed to ministry in video and film can meet others with the same goal for mutual encouragement, learning, and fellowship.”
“In my many years of involvement with ICVM, I’ve found the organization to be committed to two things: terrific filmmaking and communicating Christian ideals.”

“ICVM has “a well-established annual conference. If you are looking for international talent, crew, distribution, or just to make contacts on an international level, this conference is for you.”

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Four Films At ICVM!

OPENING NIGHT FILM: "THE SHIFT" - Two weeks before its national release, we'll sneak preview this latest film from Angel Studios (The Sound of Freedom), a sci-fi thriller.  With the producer Ken Carpenter and press attending! STORY: After a tense encounter with a mysterious stranger with otherworldly powers, a man is banished to a tyrannical, parallel Earth where he fights to get back to the woman he loves.
     - Wednesday, Nov. 15 from 7pm to 9pm @ The AMC Theaters in Franklin -- we'll bus you there and back!

NEXUS OF MUSIC & FILM SCREENING: "HOME BY SUNDAY" -Sneak Preview at our hotel of Casting Crowns' new documentary from Sony Provident Films. STORY: HOME BY SUNDAY shares the remarkable stories behind the band’s 20-year journey through music and ministry. From their unique beginnings to the inspiration behind one of their most beloved songs and a near-life-ending diagnosis, HOME BY SUNDAY gives a behind-the-scenes look into the mission and mindset that has driven Casting Crowns for the last two decades.
     - Thursday, Nov. 16, from 8pm to 10pm @ our Screening Room at Embassy Suites

FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES:  “UNSUNG HERO”  - the movie from  'For King & Country' star Joel Smallbone
 -  Our event night!  We're taking you to the AMC in Franklin, TN, to see a private sneak preview of the directorial debut of Joel Smallbone's movie.  STORY: The drama centers on the Smallbone family, which also includes For King + Country member Luke Smallbone and singer-songwriter Rebecca St. James, as they come to America from their native Australia after the collapse of their father’s successful music company.   The movie also follows the family’s mother, Helen Smallbone (Daisy Betts) as she uses her faith to hold the family of nine together by turning struggles into an adventure for her children. Includes a Q&A after with the producer and possibly Joel himself! From Lions Gate & Kingdom Story Company ('Jesus Revolution')
     - Friday Nov. 17th, from 8pm to 10pm -  @ The AMC Theaters in Franklin -- we'll bus you there and back (dinner's on your own)!

CLOSING NIGHT MOVIE: "ORDINARY  ANGELS" - Starring Hilary Swank, a sneak preview at our hotel of the next movie from Kingdom Story Company ('Jesus Revolution') that will release in December. STORY:  Based on a remarkable true story, ORDINARY ANGELS centers on Sharon Steves (Hilary Swank), a fierce but struggling hairdresser in small-town Kentucky who discovers a renewed sense of purpose when she meets Ed Schmitt (Alan Ritchson), a widower working hard to make ends meet for his two daughters. What unfolds is the inspiring tale of faith, everyday miracles, and ordinary angels.
     - Saturday, Nov. 18, from 8pm to 10pm @ our Screening Room at Embassy Suites