ICVM Crown Award Categories

All of the awards are judged on quality of the production values,storytelling and Christian content, but to help clarify the distinctions between categories, here is a list of the criteria. A project can be nominated for any of the applicable categories.

Best Comedy
Best comedy can be either a stand-up act that has been filmed, a comedy drama or even a documentary if it deals within the realm of aiming at the lighter side of life.

Best Curriculum
Best curriculum is determined by how well the production manages to create interesting subject matter and stimulate thought and interaction. This is for products that are designed to teach people, whether a single title or a series. It must be accompanied by printed discussion or interactive materials, and will be judged on the merits of that material as well as the video.

Best Children’s Film
This category is for the young and young at heart. The criteria is that the movie be targeting children aged 12 and under and is judged on how well it hits the mark in both quality and message.

Best Youth Film
This is all about what film is the best one for the youth. It is important that it be judged on content (as it pertains to teens ages 13-19), as well as quality of production.

Best Documentary Under 50K
The best documentary category is judged both on choice of subject matter as well as how it is put together to convey the message to the audience.

Best Documentary Over 50K
The best documentary category is judged both on choice of subject matter as well as how it is put together to convey the message to the audience.

Best International Film
We are encouraging production of films shot in any language other than English. The videos can be sub-titled or dubbed, but must have been originally made for a non-English speaking audience.

Best Short Film
Best short film reflecting a Christian world-view. Production must be twenty (20) minutes or less.

Best Television Format
The program has to be broadcast at a minimum of 3 regional broadcasters or 1 National broadcaster. A television format can be of any kind: music show, drama, talk show, reality, kids or youth program. Length should be from 20 to 50 minutes.
The program should be produced within 3 years of entering the Crown Awards.

Best Church Clip
The ‘BEST CHURCH CLIP’ category is meant to recognize short 2-5 minute films specifically made for churches to use during their services and ministry efforts. These can be musical or graphic in nature or tell a story with actors.

Best Student Production
This category is specifically for submitting a production done by students. There is no charge for submission to this category only and the student does not need to be a member of ICVM to submit.

Best Music Video 
This category covers either the short music video or a music concert or inspirational production. Music must be the primary focus of the production.

Best Series
This category can be any genre – whether for children, youth or adults. The voting is all about how well each episode is produced and appears to fit together as a whole. Submissions must be accompanied by promotional literature outlining the series. When a title is nominated for Best Series, only one episode from the series need be sent. This entry should be the one that you feel best exemplifies the content of the series.

Best Drama Under 250K
The best drama under two hundred fifty thousand goes to a dramatic film that does the finest job of telling a story – both in quality and execution.

Best Drama Over 250K
This category is the same as best drama under two hundred fifty, but is limited to those that cost more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars.

Best Evangelistic Film
This category is looking for the film that best conveys the pure message of the gospel to a non-believer. It can take any form, but what is important is how effectively it communicates the good news.

Best Picture
Any film can be nominated for this category – regardless of the genre. This is simply the one film considered to be the best all-around production of the year.

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