Script & Story Pitch-a-thon

Date and Time:  Nov. 17th, 2022 -- 10 am to 12 noon

If you are planning to pitch at the 2023 ICVM Script & Story Pitch-a-thon, please read ALL of the following!

These are the Distributors or Producers who are currently committed to take pitches at the ICVM Script & Story Pitch-a-thon. It also lists what they seek.  PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS!  You want to be sure they are actually interested in your type of material (content type, genre, etc) before you choose them!
 1)    Third Coast Content
   a) Ben Howard, CEO
          i)     Seeking Features and TV: We want to tell stories that move people toward hope and meaning. From comedies that tug on heart strings, to family adventures, to powerful dramas of human conquest, we aspire to span the gamut of genres while delivering stories that move peoples' hearts.
 2)   Global Content
     a)    Joshua Carpenter, Head, Global Acquisition & Sales Consultant
          i)      Seeking Feature Films, Animated films, TV Series, Children’s programs, Documentaries, Christian & Family Friendly product, Comedy.  Facebook:
 3) Collide Media Group
     a)    Bob Elder
          i)      Seeking Feature films, Animated films, TV series. Children’s programs, Documentaries, Church or Educational Use programs, Comedy; Christian, Family-friendly or secular products.  Check out our distribution website:   and our main website:
 4)    Sony Provident Films
     a)    Ashley Chambless, Director of Brand Development
          i)      Seeking Christian or Family product; Feature films, TV Series, Documentaries, Church or Educational Use programs, Comedy.  Website:
 5) Kingstone Studios
a) Art Ayris
i) Seeking Christian screenplays and stories that are upflifting, can be based on true stories.  
 6)  Ocean Avenue Entertainment
     a)    Chris Bueno, CEO
          i)      Seeking very specifically feature film screenplays in the style of UP TV or Hallmark.  Website:
 7)   Vision Video / Redeem TV
     a)    Bill Curtis, President
     b)    Christine Howard, Executive Asst.
     c)     Linda Curtis
          i)      Seeking Feature Films, Animation, TV Series, Children’s programs, Documentaries   Website: Redeem TV:   Vision Video:
 8. Messenger Films
a) Cris Krusen. Director/Producer
i) Founded by Cristóbal Krusen in 1988, Messenger Films is dedicated to missionary outreach through films of beauty, stories of hope. Since 1990 with the release of Ropa Nueva para Felipe, our life-changing (and award-winning) films have been seen by millions worldwide. We are known for achieving high production values at modest budget levels while working with local crews and acting talent. Website:
 9) Green Apple Entertainment
     a)    Cole Lunz, Content  Acquisitions Specialist
     b)    Tim Warren, Founder & President
          i)      Seeking Feature Films, Animated films, TV series, Children’s programs, Documentaries, Church or Educational programs, Comedy; Christian, Family or secular products. Website:
 10)  LOOR – TV
     a)    Marcus Pittman, CEO
     b)    Jason Farley, Chief Content Officer
          i)      Seeking Feature films, Aminated films, TV series, Children’s programs, Documentaries, Comedy; Christian, Family or Secular products.  If your project doesn’t fit most Christian networks, it may be exactly what we want! Website:
11) Up2U Films Media Group
    a)  Johnnie Ray Scoggins,
     b)  Marty Roberts
         i) Seeking: Feature Films Only, Christian or Family genres.


Everyone pitching must be at the Script & Story Pitch-a-thon at 9:45AM on Friday, Nov. 17th.
THE FIRST PITCHES WILL START PROMPTLY AT 10:00AM!  All pitchers must be OUTSIDE the meeting room in the hallway.
We have 10 companies so far – each will be at their own table in the room.  The first group of 10 'pitchers' scheduled for 10:00AM will be allowed into the room PRECISELY AT 10:00AM and find the table of their distributor.
A signal will be given to 'start', and you will have 5 minutes to pitch to that distributor -- A SIGNAL WILL END THE FIVE MINUTES, and you MUST STOP PITCHING, thank the distributor, leave the table and head outside.  
At that time, we will allow the next group of 10 to enter the room, find their distributor, and start pitching on the signal to start.  This will repeat every 7 minutes until we have cycled through all the slots distributors have. 
As soon as one group is in the room, we will line up the next group at the door.  Be at the entrance door at least 7 minutes BEFORE each of your pitch times, or you could lose your scheduled pitch.  Stay close – the times are approximate, and we have gotten ahead of schedule in the past.  Also, sometimes people don’t show up for their pitch time, and we will grab the closest person wanting an additional pitch to take that slot.
Your five minutes will pass quickly.  We suggest you have a 2-3 minute pitch that will catch their interest.  Then spend the last two minutes getting feedback.  Pitch only ONE project, unless they ask what else you have.
You can show them a video clip if you have a trailer or other short video. But practice your pitch so it all works into your timeframe.  DO NOT DEPEND ON THE HOTEL INTERNET HOOKUP FOR SERVICE.  If you have video to use, have it pre-loaded on your device and ready to display.
A one-page leave-behind, or a business card, should be plenty.  If you show video, that one-pager should include a link to that. 
No matter what happens, PLEASE SHOW RESPECT AND GRATITUDE TO THE COMPANIES.  They are donating two hours of their time to take pitches from you.  They don't have to do that.  But they want to help give you the experience of pitching to a REAL distributor, the way it often happens in the film & TV world.  And you might get a partner for your film!  No matter what, it’s a valuable experience and a new relationship for you.