2019 Nashville Conference Schedule

Tuesday, November 12

8-10 PM Ice Cream Social / CAN Opener  (Conference Area Foyer outside Salon 5)  

Wednesday, November 13

9:00-5:00  Registration (Conference Area Foyer)
9:00am Prayer (Williamson)
10:00am Film Screening + Q&A (Salon 1-4)
             "Washington's Armor" with Tammy Lane
12:00pm (Lunch is on your own)

1:30pm Film Screening + Q&A (Salon 1-4)
             The Least of These with Aneesh Daniels

3:30pm Newcomer’s Meeting (Palomino)
             Insider information for first-timers. 

4:15pm Group Introductions (Salon 1-4)
             Meet everyone in 30 seconds!

6:00pm Dinner with Janet Perez Eckles (Salon 5)
8:30pm Popcorn Movie Night (Salon 1-4)
             Members and attendees show 5 minutes of current projects. View / Sign up for a time slot.           

Thursday, November 14

7:45am Prayer (Williamson)

8:30am Worship with Meredith Andrews. Jeremy Cowart shares his story of "I'm Possible" (Salon 1-4)
9:30am Coffee and Networking (Foyer outside Salon 1-4)
10:00am Seminars: Located in Salon 1 - 4, Mustang/Quarter/Palomino, Franklin, Williamson

Kevin Downes: “Pain, Perseverance, Perspective: Why do we do this?” (Salon 1-4)

Jacob Kindberg: "Real. Moving. Stories: Bringing a narrative approach to documentary filmmaking" (Franklin)

Documentary films are more popular than ever and an incredible tool for spreading the Gospel and changing hearts and minds. But how do you make engaging documentary films that cut through the noise and cut to the soul? By harnessing the inherent power of non-fiction stories and coupling it with narrative storytelling. In this seminar, we will walk through the process from pre-production to post, talk about what makes non-fiction storytelling so effective, and discuss how we can bring a narrative approach to our documentary projects.

Catherine Clinch: The Secrets of Storytelling in a Multi-Platform World (Palomino) 
Welcome to the 21st century! Movies and television have undergone massive transformation in the past decade and the rate of change is accelerating rapidly. Structure, length, format, tone of voice, character requirements and production realities are all puzzle pieces that have to fit into the specific requirements of the platform where they will be viewed. Find out what you need to know about the different ways you can successfully tell your story to an assortment of audiences.

Bob Saenz and Kathy Ide:  "Novelization: Book-to-Screen/Screen-to-Book" (Williamson) 
Writing a screenplay and writing a novel have some similarities. Both must be active, not passive. Dialogue needs to be realistic but not real, using subtext. No blatant author exposition. Overall story structure is similar, with setups and pay-offs, building to a climax followed by a resolution. Some story concepts work better for screenplays or novels; some work well for both. And yet, these two types of writing are very different disciplines. This session will address the differences between these two types of writing, including formatting, terminology, treatments/proposals, cinematic vs. literary transitions, and more.

12:00pm Lunch with Kevin Downes (Salon 5)

2:00pm Roundtable Networking - share your story, make new connections (Salon 1-4)

4:00pm Special session for those involved in the pitch-a-thons (Williamson)

Catherine Clinch: PITCHING LIKE THE PROS :: Learn the tricks that Hollywood screenwriters use to tell and sell their stories to the producers, studios and networks that can get their projects made and delivered to a screen near you. More important…learn how to avoid the mistakes that can sink your project and get you put on anybody’s “life’s too short” list. " 

6:30pm Night out together at Top Golf! Dinner is included. Board busses outside the conference center entrance at 6:30.
             (Extra ticket for $10 required: email [email protected] to update your registration. Must register by Nov. 1 to join.)

10:00pm Film Screening & Q&A with Brad Mix, Nathan Blair, and Cast (Salon 1-4)
               Sleeper Agent

Friday, November 15

7:45am Prayer (Williamson)

8:30am Worship with Meredith AndrewsJeremy Cowart shares about the Purpose Hotel (Salon 1-4)

9:30am Coffee and Networking (Foyer outside Salong 1-4)

10:00am Seminars:  Located in Salon 1 - 4, Mustang/Quarter/Palomino, Franklin, Williamson

Mark Fincannon: Acting Well - Moving from Acting as a Performance, to Acting as a Transformance (Williamson) 
This seminar will help you to move from a performance mentality to an experiential mentality. To take the next step from your own preparation to preparing to find an authentic moment with your fellow actor or with the circumstances that you find yourself in. How to approach each scene with a sense of discovery. How to be more interested, than interesting. Acting is not a Proving Ground... it's a Playground.

Travis Mann: Entertainment Law 101 – What a Producer Needs to Know (Franklin) 
Everything a Writer or Producer Should Know About Motion Picture Development.  Discuss the most common legal issues faced by writers and producers in the motion picture industry, including intellectual property and copyright issues, option and attachment agreements, life story rights issues, shopping agreements, producing deals, writing agreements, confidentiality and non-circumvent provisions, financing arrangements, and distribution pitfalls.

PANEL: Bob Saenz, Kathy Ide, Angela Breidenbach, Catherine Clinch (Salon 1-4) 
Speaking the Same Lingo: How to Understand Differences in Pitching to Publishers vs Filmmakers and Distributors

Linda Goldfarb, Anita Agers Brooks, Karen Whiting: "The Science of Personalities" (Palomino) 
Includes understanding personality types, marketing movies and books to personality types, and different personality types in business relationships. Coaches will be available throughout the conference one-on-one. Taught by certified personality coaches 

12:00pm Lunch with Wouter Van Der Toorn
             Brief Business Meeting

(Salon 1-4) Director’s Cut of "Russ Taff: I Still Believe". Q&A to follow with Russ and Tori Taff, and Director Rick Altizer 

(Franklin / Willamson) Distributors Pitchathon

Sign up for the chance to pitch one-on-one to at least two distributors of your choice – just you and the distributor. There’s no additional cost to pitch your project here! You choose the companies taking pitches that you feel are best suited for your project. Sign-ups for pitching slots of the distributor of your choice are at registration and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Here are the Distributors who have committed to attend and take pitches -- be sure to do your research on each one, so you choose the ones best for your screenplay, book or finished project.
FILM DISTRIBUTORS TAKING PITCHES (You Choose up to 2 -- Subject to Change Without Notice)
Provident Films (Ashley Chambless, Trey Reynolds)
Seeking: Screenplays, Finished  Products
Pure Flix Entertainment (Linda Blazy)
Seeking:  Finished Projects, Features are the first priority 
Collide Media (Bob Elder, Steve Break, Brian Lange)
                           Seeking:  Screenplays and Finished Projects, all types
Vision Video (Bill Carroll, Karen Rutt, and/or Bill Curtis)
Seeking:  Prefer TV Programs (all types) or Movies finished or already in production, but will consider others.
Ocean Avenue (Chris Bueno)
Seeking: Finished Narrative & Documentary Feature Films
The Giving Company (David Henriksen, Bobby Downes)
Seeking: Finished Product, or Screenplay based on Book or True Story 
Parables TV (Isaac Hernandez)
Seeking: Finished products preferred, all types, but open to Screenplays.
Skipstone Pictures (Johnny Remo, Daniel Knudsen)
                           Seeking: Screenplays or Finished Product
Cobalt Pictures (Travis Mann)
Seeking: Finished Product or Screenplays


6:00pm Dinner with Dan Rupple (Salon 5)             

8:30pm Popcorn Movie Night (Salon 1-4)
             Members and attendees show 5 minutes of current projects. View/Sign up for time slots. 

Saturday, November 16

7:45am Prayer (Williamson)
8:30am Worship & Devotions with Russ Taff, Mark Fincannon and Meredith Andrews (Salon 1-4)
9:30am Coffee and Networking
10:00am Seminars: Located in Salon 1 - 4, Mustang/Quarter/Palomino, Franklin, Williamson

Aneesh Daniel: "The Least of These": An In-and-out of Production (Williamson)
A case study from the producer/director focused on the journey from script to screen. Measures to take while approaching an investor, including Business plan to Budget, Screenplay to Casting, Pre-production to post.

Beverly Holloway: Making “STRONG” Choices For Your Audition: What does that mean and how do you do it? (Franklin)
Actors hear all the time that Casting Directors want them to make “strong” choices in their auditions, but what does that really mean? How do you prepare an interesting and memorable audition while still staying appropriate and true to the material? We’ll take a practical, hands-on look at the subject and provide insights as to how to put your best, and most interesting, foot forward in each audition.

Bob Elder: Ministry Impact (Salon 1-4)
We are built for community and marketing “word-of-mouth” works exceptionally well with a testimony. Can I get a witness? With 30+ years of expertise in the faith-based entertainment market having worked on over 75 faith-films released theatrically, Bob Elder unpacks the strategies behind “Ministry Impact”.

Linda Kozar / Angie Breidenbach: Creators as Marketers (Palomino)
Modern creators aren't just creating anymore. We create in multiple genres. We write screenplays, books, radio scripts... We market our products and our brand. Successful creators are techno-savvy. Creators of podcasts, videos, memes, ads, ad campaigns and much more, we must learn and embrace technologies and platforms, expand our knowledge of communication, and explore new ways of reaching different audiences. But why do some of us hesitate to be that "Jack or Jill of All Trades" when it comes to marketing? Granted, learning new technologies is an uphill climb, but if we don't we will never make it up that hill.

12:00pm Lunch with Bob Elder  (Salon 5)


(Salon 1-4) Film Screening:  Kingdom Story Studios - I STILL BELIEVE

(Franklin / Willamson) Publishers Pitchathon

Sign up for the chance to pitch one-on-one to at least two publishers of your choice – just you and the publisher. There’s no additional cost to pitch your project here! You choose the companies taking pitches that you feel are best suited for your project. Sign-ups for pitching slots of the publisher of your choice are at registration and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Confirmed Publishers receiving pitches (additional still being confirmed):
     Whitefire Publishing
     iDisciple Publishing

4:00pm Prayer for one another (Palomino)

6:30pm ICVM Crown Awards Banquet with host Michael Joiner