If you are planning to pitch at the 2022 ICVM Pitch-a-thon, please read ALL of the following!

How it works

  • ICVM Distributors Pitch-a-thon

    • The 2-hour Pitch-a-thon gives you – the filmmaker, writer or storyteller -- the chance to pitch one-on-one to at least two distributors of your choice – just you and the distributor!  There’s no additional cost to pitch your project here!  You choose the companies taking pitches that you feel are best suited for your project.  But it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.  There are only about 20 slots per distributor, and they fill up quick – first people to sign up for the conference get first choice!

    • You can pitch your finished product, or screenplay, book, TV series, documentary, children’s program, etc. for 5 minutes one-on-one. (If the distributor seeks only finished products, they aren’t looking for screenplays or books.  See what they seek below.) Check to see what distributors are seeking to see who matches your project best. Research as well each one to see what they focus on and who best matches your project.   The list will be growing up until the time of the fest.

PAST FILM DISTRIBUTORS (Subject to Change Without Notice – Choose up to 2) 

Provident Films (Ashley Chambless)
Seeking: Screenplays, Finished Products

Pure Flix Entertainment (Linda Blazy)
Seeking:  Finished Projects, Features are the first priority 

Collide Media (Bob Elder, Steve Break, Brian Lange)
Seeking:  Screenplays and Finished Projects, all types

Vision Video (Bill Carroll, Karen Rutt, and/or Bill Curtis)
Seeking:  Prefer TV Programs (all types) or Movies finished or already in production, but will consider others.

Ocean Avenue (Chris Bueno)
Seeking: Finished Narrative & Documentary Feature Films

Giving Company (David Henriksen)
Seeking: Finished Product, or Screenplay based on Book or True Story 

Parables TV (Isaac Hernandez)
Seeking: Finished products preferred, all types, but open to Screenplays.

Exploration Films 
Seeking: Finished Films

Kingstone Studios: (Art Ayris & Kyle Saylors, producers)

Messenger Films: (Cris Krusen, President & Cheryl Krusen, COO)

CDR Communications (Chris & Nancy Rogers)

(more Distributors coming!)



  • The first pitch group will be allowed into each chat room PRECISELY AT 3 PM. Only people pitching for each time slot will be allowed to pitch.

  • Each pitch group will go in every 5 minutes.

  • You need to be online in our main chat room at least 10 minutes before your pitch session, so we can set you up to enter on time.  

  • You will have 5 minutes to pitch to your distributor. There will be a countdown clock in your chat room visible for at least the final minute.  When it ends, you will automatically be removed from the chat room – so be sure to say your goodbyes and exchange any contact info beforehand.  We can not extend any session.  This will repeat until we have cycled through all the time slots.


  • Your five minutes will pass quickly.  For distributors, we suggest you have a 2-3-minute pitch to catch their interest and makes them want to read or hear more. Then spend the last two minutes getting feedback from them. 

  • You can pitch more than one project, but it’s not recommended. If you do, rehearse it to stay within your time. When time’s up, it’s over.

  • You can show a video clip to them if you have a finished project or trailer.

  • That 5 minutes will go fast.


  • No matter what happens, PLEASE SHOW RESPECT AND GRATITUDE TO THE DISTRIBUTORS. THEY ARE DONATING 2 HOURS OF THEIR TIME to take pitches from you. They don't have to do that. But they want to help give you the experience of pitching to a REAL distributor or publisher, the way it often happens in our industry.  These are the heads of companies or acquisitions executives.  They are at the decision-making level for their companies.

REMEMBER: Just about everyone at ICVM’s conference is a filmmaker and storyteller – so don’t limit pitching your project to the Pitch-a-thons. Your project may come to fruition from connecting with a producer, director, or writer in the virtual halls, Popcorn Night sessions, our breakout connection rooms, or other networking opportunities!  

See you at the 2022 ICVM Storytellers Conference!! We hope your experiences here are a blessing to you.